ASU Photovoltaic Qualification Testing (Pooled Spending-Master/Operational Account)

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ASU Photovoltaic Qualification Testing (Pooled Spending-Master/Operational Account) CSI08004: Long-Term Outdoor Exposure Testing of Eighteen CSI Solar Photovoltaic Modules CEN08001A: IEC 61215 Test Sequence D Repeat SMD08002: Engineering Evaluaiton tests on Sun Modular photovoltaic modules SWA08003: CEC Performance Measurements on Solar World Industries America SE185 Family of Modules JUM08008: IEC 61215 Tests on Jumao Photonics JMP-80W-S5-G Photovoltaic modules SLR08007: IEC 61215 Tests on Solaria CMT-190 Photovoltaic Modules ETS08007:CEC Performance tests on one ET Solar ET-P654200 Photovoltaic module SLN: Performance Measurements and Spectral Mismatch Correction of Three Solon Corporation Photovoltaic Modules LTI07001A-CSA: ANSI/UL 1703 tests on Lumeta LPP380A Photovoltaic modules SCO08001:IEC 61215/IEC 61730-2 MANUFACTURER SCHUECO INTERNATIONAL/CSI SOLAR: DESIGN TYPE SPV225 SMC-3 JUM08007:(4) OEM CERTIFICATES ON BEHALF OF JUMAO PHOTONICS (XIAMEN) CO., LTD. SSE08002-LZ: SANDIA MODULE CHARACTERIZATION TESTS ON SHANGHAI SOLAR ENERGY PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULES SWA08004: ENGINEERING TESTS ON VARIOUS SOLAR WORLD INDUSTRIES AMERICA MODULES SCO08002:IEC 61215/IEC 61730-2 for Schueco International/CSI Solar SPV225 SPC-3 SPV200 SPC-2 SPC08005-CSA: Engineering test on SUNPOWER CORPORATIONA1, A2, B1, B2 Photovoltaic modules STP08007: Performance testing to California Energy Commission Specifications TPY08003-LZ: IEC 61646, IEC 61730-2 on Shenzen Topray Solar Co., Ltd TPS113-38W photovoltaic modules WSG08001-VDE: Engineering tests on Wurth Solar Photovoltaic Modules
Effective start/end date7/22/0812/31/10


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $130,993.00


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