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ASU PHOTOVOLTAIC QUALIFICATION TESTING (POOLED SPENDING-MASTER/OPERATIONAL ACCOUNT) MTX-02002 REQUIRED UL TESTS OF MATRIX SOLAR TECHNOLOGIES PW-1650 PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULE AST 02006, 02008 LIMITED UL TESTING ON AP5-150, AP5-150-M2 PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULES SSI-02002: QUALIFICATION TESTING FOR SQ80 AND SQ160 MODULE FAMILIES PAR03001 - IV MEASUREMENT OF WEBEL W1000-110 MODULE FOR PARAM TECHNOLOGIES STR 03001 - OUTDOOR EXPOSURE TESTING OF 48 PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULES AT STAR FACILITY MIT-02015: SECTION E RETESTS FOR F123EA3LFB FSC 03002 Limited UL Tests of FS50 w/New Cordplate SMI-03001: Reverse Current Tests for Seika Machinery, Inc. OSC 03001: UL Connector Tests for O & S California AES 03001: UL 1703 Full Qualification Tests for Atlantis Energy Systems SHA-03004 Limited UL Tests on Two Types of Sharp Photovoltaic Modules PLC 03001: Thermal and Humidity-Freeze Cycling of Test Coupons STP 03001: Section A Retests of SunTech Power STP 150 Modules for Change in Cell Technology from Polycrystalline Silicon to Monocrystilline Silicon Ce EVR 03003: Similarity Testing for Frame Change of Evergreen Solar Modules SMI 03002: Outdoor Exposure for Seika Machinery, Inc FSC 030004 12 Week IV and Temperature Coefficient Testing on 36 First Solar Modules JXC03002: Engineering Test for JX Crystals MCC 03001 - UL Tests of MultiContact PV Connectors SSI 02002A Hot Spot Tests for Modules with Spelsberg and Procharger Junction Boxes MCC 03002 UL Tests of MultiContact Plugs and Sockets SSI-03003: ST-40 Retest of Sequence "C" MIT 03006: Frame Cross-Section Change of Mitsubishi F158EB3C Modules MIT 03005: Change in Cell Thickness and Solder of Mitsubishi F158EB3C Modules YNE 03001: IEC6125/UL 1703 Full Qualification Testing fro Baoding Yingli New Energy Resources, LTD Photovoltaic Modules SPC 03002: Full IEEE 1262/IEC61215 Testing on SunPower Engineering Laminates SAN-03002 Humidity Freeze Cycling of Sanyo Electric Photovoltaic Moduules SIT 03001 - UL Testing of Integrated PV-Roofing Systems WLG 03002: Damp Heat and Cut Tests for WL Gore & Associates MIT 03007 Junction Box and Electrical Circuit Retests for Mitsubishi Electric F158EC3 EPV 03001: Full IEEE 1262/IEC 61646/UL 1703 Test Program for EPV-40 Module AES 03004 Repeated HF10 Tests for UL AES 03005 HF10 onn Glass Samples with Junction Box D4E03001: Engineering Tests at the Photovoltaic Testing Laboratory SSI03004: Certificate Issue for S36 Type SSE-03002: IEC61215 Tests for Shanghai Solar Energy S120D and S85C SPI04001 - IEC61215/UL1703 Full Qualification Testing for Solar Power Industries Photovoltaic Modules MIT03009 Retest Sections C & G for Mitsubishi Electric F123EA2LFD MIT03008: Retest Sections E, G, & H for F158EB3E YNE04001: Sequence C Retests for Yingli New Energy 120(17)P144X663 WBS03001: UL 1703 Static Load & Temperature Tests on W1600 Module WBS03003: UL 1703 Static Load and Temperature Retests on W1600 Module KYO04001: UL 1703 Static Mechanical Load Test on KC-60 Module WBS04001: UL1703 Temperature and Inverse Current Overload on W 50C Module SIT04002A: Retest HF10 Sequence to the UL 1703 Standard
Effective start/end date7/1/0212/31/04


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $664,263.00


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