ASU Economic Forecasting and Evaluation (IGA)

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ASU Economic Forecasting and Evaluation (IGA) ASU Economic Forecasting and Evaluation (IGA) The Contractor agrees to examine the dynamics of several labor market variables, exploring statistical interrelationships to improve forecasts. The results of the analysis will be summarized in short technical papers and submitted to the Department upon completion. The analysis will focus on total weeks compensated, unemployment rates, taxable or covered wages series, businesses births and deaths (provided data are available and reliable) and will explore sector strategies as directed by the Department. The Contractor will also provide statistical and economic forecast modeling on topics identified by the Department for a variety of issues pertaining to unemployment, labor force, and specialty populations served by the Department.
Effective start/end date10/1/128/13/15


  • Arizona Department of Economic Security: $100,000.00


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