Astrophysical neutrinos from MeV to TeV

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Astrophysical neutrinos from MeV to TeV Astrophysical neutrinos from MeV to TeV Dr. Lunardini is discussing the physics of neutrinos from slow jets with A. Loeb (CfA, Harvard), who has worked on high energy neutrinos from shock breakout in supernovae [102] and from starburst galaxies [103, 104, 105, 96]. The fact that slow jets are just a theoretical possibility is a stimulus rather than a a deterrent. Indeed, the idea of baryonic jets rests on fundamental Standard Model physics, which describes a continuum of phenomena ranging from cosmic ray propagation to the GRBs. Exploring every testable implication of this physics is important to guide the field beyond what is already known. It is similar to the valuable support given to the upcoming Large Hadron Collider by a diverse multitude of particle physics models. Directions of research are outlined below.
Effective start/end date9/15/098/31/13


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $375,000.00


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