Assessing warfare in the post-Industrial Age: Developing a Net Assessment Framework to Define, Measure and Compare the Role of Information in the Strategic Concepts, Force Structures and Operations of the Peoples Republic of China, Russian Federation and the United States

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To provide the sponsor a comparative analysis of "informationized" warfare as it is understood, under development by and has been/is being practiced by the US, the Russian Federation and the Peoples Republic of China. The basis for the comparisons are to be drawn from country studies, independently conducted by separate teams, of the strategic concepts, objectives, operations and capabilities each country has developed for this form of warfare. To the extent possible original source materials will be employed in the analyses.

To develop a framework for the subsequent conduct of a net assessment among the three countries. That framework would include:
1. definition from the perspective of each country of what it understands to be the impact of "information" on the evolution of military capability, the conduct of state relations and the defense of its domestic order and how it conceives the conduct of "warfare" in the contemporary age;
2. an assessment of the current scope, scale and synchronization of operations each country might conduct under the rubric of "informationized" warfare and the identification of indicators of intent and patterns of activity--e.g., policy, technology, organization, operations--suggestive of the vector(s) for further development of capability and capacity within each country;
3. proposed measures of effectiveness for informationized warfare in relation to its three, interrelated and interdependent dimensions: military operations, foreign influence operations and domesitc stability operations. These MOEs are to be based on each country's strategic concepts and derived from a series of seminars, symposia and application of gaming techniques, to test the assessments and indicators noted above.

Primary Investigator, Robert Schmidle
Primary Consultant, Cyndi Coon
Researcher, Braden Allenby
Researcher, Joel Garreau
Researcher, Scott Ruston
Project Coordinator, TBD
Consultants, TBD

Development of a community of interest within the national security and intelligence community, the private sector and academia focused on advancing the state of the field in study and analysis of the art and science of "informationized" warfare via convenings.

Identifying the topics focused on "informationized" warfare as it relates to the US, the Russian Federation and the Peoples Republic of China.

Specifying the structural components and central issues as related to "informationized" warfare including time, breadth, and diversity of information

Performing a review of the current state of the bodies of knowledge to be considered, related to "informationized" warfare.

Gathering previous studies to be analyzed and compared to the leading group of analysts, related to "informationized" warfare.

Generating the forecasts of trends and alterations of structural factors and the emergence of conjunctural events, related to "informationized" warfare

Conjunctural factors and atypical phenomena, and investigating their cause-effect relationships and structural aspects, related to "informationized" warfare

Conducting historical analysis of "informationized" warfare from different disciplinary perspectives including compiling historical information related to "informationized" warfare from different disciplinary perspectives.

Creating functional, compatible, and extensible databases, related to "informationized" warfare.

Formulating advice as to policy options and their possible costs and consequences related to "informationized" warfare.

Presenting the results obtained to the decision-makers in a clear and understandable way.

Net assessment executive summary.

Development of a Net assessment Report

This net assessment is the epistemological and holistic comparison between three systems of interest to determine their net differences and identify the risk and opportunity factors that allow the interested parties to take advantage of their own institutional capacity. This team offers to establish a framework that generates understandable strategic knowledge by comparing internal systems with those of an external agent relevant to national security. This team offers to create a net assessment aimed at the individual, organizational, and environmental levels, and reviews to establish a solid starting point. We offer to develop assessment products for integrating net assessment into government organizations, public institutions, and private companies.
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Weaponized Narrative Lab
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Tempe Arizona

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Ms. Heather Clark
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Effective start/end date2/13/208/12/21


  • DOD: Washington Headquarters Services Acquisition Directorate: $21,966.00


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