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ASRS Pension Data Visualization ASRS Pension Data Visualization In order to inform employees, retirees, labor, management, and taxpayers about how to create real retirement plan sustainability and affordability without sacrificing future income and security, the Reason Foundation team is leveraging the Arizona State Universitys Decision Theater (ASU-DT). ASU-DT and Reason Foundation are engaging in a multi-phase effort to create a visualized integrated data analysis tool to enable better, more informed, and efficient decision making for affordable pension planning and sustainability. The initial objective is a pilot project utilizing information related to Arizona. Based on the success of this initial effort, a determination will be made to utilize ASU-DT to support engagements with states and pension programs throughout the United States.
Effective start/end date5/30/1912/1/19


  • Equable Institute: $150,000.00


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