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ARO SBP12 and SBP13 Conference Sponsorship Grant Proposal ARO SBP12 and SBP13 Conference Sponsorship Grant Proposal Research in social computing and behavioral modeling is designed to achieve a better understanding of social interactions, complex behaviors, contextual patterns, and associated outcomes of interest. The state-of-the-art in this field is increasingly dependent on interdisciplinary efforts due to the cross disciplinary nature of expertise required to address challenges arising from health, culture, and society. The Social Computing, Behavioral- Cultural Modeling, and Prediction1 (SBP) conference is a platform for bringing together researchers from a wide variety of disciplines in this rapidly developing area of research to interact, discuss and disseminate on research issues that are central to its progress and to encourage new collaborations that are essential to its steady development and healthy evolution. Based on the success of its previous editions in the last three years (SBP08, SBP09, and SBP10), we (the steering committee with the guidance of the advisory committee) plan to continue organizing the SBP conference yearly and make it a premier event in the confluence of health, cultural, and social research. SBP12 is scheduled to be held at the University of Maryland, College Park from April 2 - 5, 2012. SBP13 will be held in some place near Washington DC. The location selection aims to minimize the overall travel costs for all participants based on our successful experience of SBP08 SBP11. We request a sponsorship of $5,000 (direct cost amount)/year from ARO for SBP12 and SBP13s keynote/invited speakers and tutorial presenters program.
Effective start/end date3/13/1211/12/14


  • DOD-ARMY-ARL: Army Research Office (ARO): $13,600.00


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