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Arizona Water Innovation Initiative Arizona Water Innovation Initiative The Arizona Water Innovation Initiative will establish the "Global Center for Water Technology." The center will cement Arizona as the global leader in water technology, conservation, and innovation. The center will advance a full range of solutions for water augmentation, conservation, and decentralized water treatment, across agricultural, municipal, and industrial sectors throughout the state. The Global Center for Water Technology will support applied research research, development, technology transfer, inventions, patents, and startups to support economic growth and development and water security. The center will advance a range of solutions in water desalination and brine management; water treatment and reuse technology to support energy production, microchip manufacturing, information technology; advanced technology to enhance agricultural operations, water for irrigation, farm, food processing, and food and beverage operations. The Arizona Water Innovation Initiative will also establish an "Advanced Water Observatory and Decision Support" center, to revolutionize water measurement, modeling, and prediction and provide data necessary to identify critical risks, vulnerabilities, and capabilities. This capability will aid policy makers and managers critical, relevant, and timely information necessary to clarify decision alternatives. The decision support infrastructure will transition research, data, models into strategy, operations, and management. This provides essential new scientific and technical capacities to directly benefit state water agencies, municipalities, corporations, tribal communities, and other stakeholders. This investment will generate advanced models, visualizations, and decision tools. The resulting decision tools will enable policy makers to evaluate water supply and demand scenarios, prepare for black swan events, and test innovative policies. These adaptive technologies (information decision systems, water management and decision technologies) are economic development opportunities of immense potential. These activities will directly benefit all Arizona citizens, private industries and public sector agencies and the local and state levels.
Effective start/end date1/1/2312/31/26


  • Arizona Office of the Governor: $40,000,004.00


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