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Arizona Warriors Wilderness Journey Arizona Warriors Wilderness Journey Transitioning from the military service to civilian life is rife with life-changing opportunities and challenges. During military service people are part of a large mission, they train and serve in an intensely hierarchical system, live a very structured life, and are held responsible and accountable for every detail of comportment and demeanor. After a brief Transition Assistance Program (TAP), service members are suddenly in the individualistic civilian world and many begin using their GI benefits to pursue higher education. More than 9,200 military and veteran affiliated students are currently enrolled at Arizona State University (ASU), the largest number of any university in the country. This pilot project provides an opportunity for ASU student veterans, after one year toward completing their degree, to take part in Arizona Warriors Wilderness Journey. After a year of trying to make sense of and succeed in university school life, some student veterans urgently need avenues to express the difficulty of role switching and identify shifts. Some need to decrease hyperarousal and others emotional numbing, and to increase re-attachment with other warriors who can provide community. Arizona Warriors Wilderness Journey provides the vital setting to re-imagine, re-charge, re-establish, re-invigorate, and reconnect with other veterans who have shared experiences, languages, and cultures. This program will serve as a retention strategy for veteran student post-traumatic growth journeys. OVMAE will introduce the opportunity at orientation and then follow up with an event to further explore the details and open the application process. Veteran students, staff, and faculty will be invited to apply. Participants will be selected for their ability to not only absorb the training but also commit to be in future positions to participate in programs that benefit all AZ veterans. Participants will be selected to insure a mix of military service branches, gender, age, physical abilities, race/ethnicity, and aligning on a spectrum from mild civilian integration unease to symptoms of PTSD and/or moral injury.
Effective start/end date6/1/205/31/22


  • Arizona Department of Veterans' Services (ADVS): $54,706.00


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