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Arizona State University Winter Institute for the History of Economic Thought Arizona State University Winter Institute for the History of Economic Thought The old Summer Institute had a lasting impact on the field. The ASU Winter Institute can have the same or even greater impact by providing a significant forum for dissemination of work and discussion among historians and methodologists of economics. We plan to follow the Levy-Peart model as far as possible. There will be no a priori restrictions methodological, historiographical, theoretical, or ideological on the papers accepted. Quality and potential impact on the field will be the relevant criteria. Young scholars will be given opportunity to present their work to, and alongside, senior scholars. The sessions will be video-recorded and online access provided. We plan to provide accommodation for several scholars to attend as audience participants rather than as presenters. Indeed, we hope to invite Nobel laureates like Ed Prescott and Vernon Smith (in southern California). Thus, we expect the Winter Institute to compensate for the felt loss of the Levy-Peart Summer Institute. The workshop will occupy two complete days. Twenty participants will be invited: twelve authors to present their papers, and eight scholars to participate as audience members. Six of the presentation spots will be dedicated to younger scholars no more than two years beyond completion of their doctorates; six will be allotted to senior scholars, including "legacy scholars" like David Levy, Sandra Peart and others. Eight slots will be reserved for non-presenting audience members. Additional participants who wish to attend the event at their own expense will be welcome. We seek funding to support three years of the Institute's activities: full funding in the first year, and partial funding for subsequent years, giving time for CSEL and the local organizers to find other sources. Please refer to the budget for specific details. We seek funds to cover the costs of catering an opening reception to be held on the ASU campus, breakfast and lunch for both days of the Institute, and dinner at a restaurant in the Phoenix metropolitan area on the last evening. Participants will be lodged fr three nights at a hotel adjacent to the ASU campus. A basic honorarium will be provided to each of the invited participants, directional signage will be created, all presentations will be video recorded, and, of course, a t-shirt for each participant will be provided.
Effective start/end date7/1/196/30/20


  • History of Economics Society (HES): $16,000.00


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