Arizona State University SBIRT Training Implementation Collaborative (ASU-STIC) Year 02

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Arizona State University SBIRT Training Implementation Collaborative (ASU-STIC) Year 02 Arizona State University SBIRT Training & Implementation Collaborative (ASU-STIC) The Arizona State University SBIRT Training & Implementation Collaborative (ASU-STIC) brings together five health-related professional training programs to enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of our students to enter the workforce prepared to deliver screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment services in primary care and other medical settings. Through this program, students in the following health-related professional training programs will be exposed to, and develop, new knowledge and skills in SBIRT: Social Work, Clinical Psychology, Nurse Practitioner, Counseling Psychology, and Integrated Behavioral Health. Over the course of this three year project, we anticipate providing: 1) awareness exposure of the SBIRT model to students through curriculum infusion into existing courses and training experiences, 2) knowledge and skill development for students through expansion and cross-listing of existing ASU courses in SBIRT, Motivational Interviewing, and Brief Interventions in Primary Care, and 3) field-based experiential practice to students through enhanced field placement and practicum placements, involving health-care and related placement agencies. In addition to the pre-service training components just described, our project will provide awareness and skills training, technical assistance, and program consultation to working practitioners within a number of health care settings throughout the state of Arizona and nationally, community-based primary care and hospital-based providers through a strategic partnership with the SAMHSA-funded Pacific Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center (PSATCC). Our project plan has been developed around two primary goals. Goal 1: Strengthen the health care workforce by targeting curriculum infusion and establishment of new curriculum in targeted academic programs at Arizona State University. Goal 2: Develop leadership skills in faculty, field instructors/clinical preceptors, and provider-based clinical supervisors to champion the implementation of SBIRT in health care settings. This project will be coordinated by the ASU Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy, on behalf of a consortium of five ASU health-profession related academic units and affiliated health care agencies that serve as field placement sites for our students. The project will be overseen by a nine (9) person Council of Directors, comprised of the department heads of the relevant academic units, along with a representative of the states Medicaid agency.
Effective start/end date9/30/169/29/17


  • HHS: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): $361,778.00


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