Arizona State University Decision Theater and Mayo Clinic Partnership

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Arizona State University Decision Theater and Mayo Clinic Partnership Arizona State University Decision Theater and Mayo Clinic Partnership The Arizona State University (ASU) Decision Theater (DT) will partner with Mayo Clinic to co-design and develop decision-support tools to aid in Mayo Clinics operational strategy and innovative solution-building. This initial project is intended as a launching point for a long-lasting partnership for collaboration and future initiatives. As an innovative leader in healthcare research and medical care provider, Mayo Clinic must address a multitude of complex problems. These problems often are multifaceted, difficult to understand, involve multiple stakeholders, varying disciplines and functional areas, and include large amounts of disparate data. This pilot initiative will focus on Sustainable Destination Medical Care and its implications for Mayo Clinics business model and future planning. ASUs DT is designed specifically to address this type of challenge. DT provides a framework for gathering, analyzing, and displaying stakeholder information. In efforts where modeling is included, predictive analytics are used to forecast outcomes of proposed strategies and decisions. Decision Theater is an enabling capability well suited for medical research initiatives, healthcare policy development, as well as administrative and operational complexities that carry second and third order consequences with nested factors of implementing change. This ASU and Mayo Clinic partnership affords unique opportunities to advance data-driven problem understanding and decision making across a range of complex issues and challenges. The ASU DT is a university resource supporting and enabling research activities through data analytics, visualization, and predictive modeling. Working with expert multi-discipline partners and stakeholders, DT addresses issues from fundamental research to real-world applications. ASU DT staff develop custom modeling and simulation tools with unique visualization capabilities to create a common understanding of complex problems while informing and influencing decision-making. The collaborative, immersive, and interactive environment created at ASU DT affords partners unparalleled decision-making abilities across a range of disciplines and environments, often in time-sensitive environments, that incorporate multiple streams of real-time information. Economic policy, health care delivery, emergency preparedness, and disaster response are just some examples of the large-scale, dynamic systems where key decisions have long-term ramifications and necessitate innovative planning. This document outlines Decision Theaters methodology and capabilities and discusses the way forward for project development and partnership between Mayo Clinic and ASU DT. The proposed timeline, budget, and personnel expectations are included.
Effective start/end date12/10/215/31/22


  • Mayo Clinic Arizona: $661,000.00


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