Arizona State Parks Trails Historic Preservation Study

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Scope of Work: The purpose of this study is to conduct a statewide random digital dial survey that assesses trail usage activity and trail preferences. In addition, the second purpose of the study is to conduct a historic preservation survey of a random sample of households in Arizona. The surveys findings will be used to prepare the Arizona Statewide Motorized and Non-motorized Trail Plan and the Arizona Historic Preservation Plan. Every five years Arizona State Parks is required to prepare a statewide motorized and nonmotorized trail plan based on state legislation. The planning process must include public involvement. As a result, surveys of Arizona residents are conducted to determine their preferences regarding trails and OHV routes. This information is then used to develop the plan and make recommendations for future actions about trails in the state. Recommendations guide the distribution of funds from Arizona Trails Heritage Fund, Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Fund and the federal Recreational Trails Program. Each State is also required to prepare a historic preservation plan. The intent of this plan is to provide the historic preservation community throughout Arizona a set of policy guidelines that reflect a consensus as to a state of cultural resource management and the publics perspective in historic preservation issues. These statewide telephone surveys of Arizona households are part of the required public involvement process. The study authorizes ASU to: 1. Conduct a statewide survey research for Arizona State Parks to gather data on the subject of trail usage and historic preservation in Arizona, 2. Compile such data for Arizona State Parks, 3. Use its facilities, resources, personnel and learning opportunities for students to pursue such research. As part of its responsibilities, ASU shall: 1. Develop and administer web-based survey of outdoor recreation providers to help determine priorities for regional and statewide outdoor recreation opportunities and concerns. 2. Document, enter and code data from web-based survey into a Statistical Package for the Social Sciences or SPSS save file. 3. Develop and pretest a statewide telephone survey in English. Identify random sample of Arizona residents to understand Arizona State Parks trail usage. The telephone survey will result in a minimum of 3200 households at a maximum of 20 minutes. 4. Document and code data from the telephone survey into an SPSS save file. 5. Conduct a statewide telephone survey to determine the historic preservation and cultural attitudes of Arizona residents. The telephone survey will result in a minimum of 600 households at a maximum of 10 minutes. 6. Document, enter and code data from the telephone survey into an SPSS save file. 7. Assist in identifying, analyzing, and summarizing data. 8. Provide written analysis of findings and conclusions. Deliverables include: 1. Develop, pretest, and conduct one web-based survey and two statewide telephone surveys. The Arizona State Parks Trails Survey and the Arizona Historic Preservation Survey are to be designed in collaboration with Arizona State Parks and will be sent to Arizona State Parks for final confirmation before the start of the surveys. 2. Communicate to Arizona State Parks the ongoing status of the surveys. 3. Provide a draft of the results of the surveys to Arizona State Parks two months after the survey questions are finalized. 4. Provide final database to Arizona State Parks of the entire survey results and data set in SPSS readable on CDs three months after the survey questions are finalized.
Effective start/end date7/8/136/30/14


  • Arizona State Parks: $118,661.00


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