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Arizona Solar Market and Analysis Tool Arizona Solar Market and Analysis Tool The proposed Arizonas Solar Market Analysis and Research Tool (Az SMART) is a breakthrough analysis environment in which all stakeholders can examine the interaction of political, economic, security, environmental, and technical issues that affect Arizonas ability to become a national leader in solar power innovation and development. Timely advancement of these opportunities given the Obama administrations stimulus priorities is critical. This critical need requires tailored, integrated research related to our states unique opportunities and challenges. Az SMART analyzes virtually all aspects related to deployment of solar power infrastructure: land ownership, solar-insolation mapping, transmission capacity, grid operations and management, central-plant and distributed-generation siting, population projections, environmental impact, energy-storage needs, and assessment of economic impacts on utilities, consumers, and the state. Its collaborative and iterative engagement and alignment process, unique visualization capabilities, and coupling of the technical platforms via a master-controller dashboard offer a comprehensive approach that allows stakeholders to make informed decisions based on scientific research. The associated primary research will incorporate novel concepts in: power-system operation, control, protection electric-network design large-scale energy storage grid interface technologies for distributed solar resources With Az SMARTs immersive visualization environment, web-based analysis, and outreach will enable commercial and public-policy decision makers to move towards a comprehensive framework to move Arizona into a national-leadership position in the deployment of solar-power resources.
Effective start/end date6/30/095/30/13


  • Science Foundation of Arizona: $1,971,818.00


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