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Arizona Ready-for-Rigor Project Arizona Ready-for-Rigor Project Beyond participating in the Mathematica Policy Research national evaluation with eight district partner schools, we will also conduct a local evaluation to ascertain the impact of the Ready-for-Rigor Project on students, staff, and schools. This program evaluation research will be conducted by Arizona State Universitys Partnership Office for Research on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning (PORTAL). To determine the impact, we will conduct within and between comparisons. The within comparison will consist of tracking the variables of interest (e.g. student achievement, teacher/principal effectiveness and retention, school climate) longitudinally across the life of the grant. We will work with the schools to collect baseline data for 2008-2010 to have two years of trajectory data prior to the implementation of the TIF resources. This will allow us to examine directly the impact of the TIF resources in the schools electing to participate and compare those changes to schools without those resources (i.e. control groups). The control schools will be selected within partner districts based on their comparable school-level demographics and performance scores. The table below articulates the research questions for our local evaluation, which consists of both process and outcome questions.
Effective start/end date10/1/1112/31/16


  • US Department of Education (DOEd): $22,864,203.00


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