Arizona Geographic Alliance 2017-2018

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Arizona Geographic Alliance 2017-2018 Arizona Geographic Alliance 2017-2018 The Arizona Geographic Alliance requests support to continue our efforts to enhance Geography as being an integral and valued part of a rigorous K12 curriculum that promotes student use of geographic concepts, knowledge, and skills to understand Earth's interconnected human and environmental systems in order to plan and problem solve. The Arizona Geographic Alliance is supported by a leadership cadre (Teacher Consultants) and promotes a dynamic, renewing, collaborative network of K12 and collegiate educators who inspire the pursuit of geographic understanding. This cadre has impacted over 800,000 students through workshops promoting the teaching of geography. Our goals include a continued commitment to National Geographic Society initiatives such as BioBlitz (in the past), the GeoBee, Geography Awareness week, impacting educational policy through partnerships with other educational organizations to promote geographic literacy, a continued commitment to developing unique educational resources that promote geographic literacy, and to continue to build an organization that is self sustaining.
Effective start/end date8/1/1712/31/18


  • National Geographic Society: $27,500.00


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