Arizona Geographic Alliance 2015-2016 Alliance NGEF (ASUF 30006781)

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Arizona Geographic Alliance 2015-2016 Alliance NGEF (ASUF 30006781) Arizona Geographic Alliance 2015-2016 NGEF Arizona Geographic Alliance 2016-2017 The Arizona Geographic Alliance is a K-12 Outreach organization to aid Arizona's teachers improve geographic literacy. AzGA is a partnership between ASUs School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning, the National Geographic Society, and Arizona's K-12 teachers. We regularly partner with such organizations as the Arizona Department of Education, Arizona's Council for Social Studies, and the Mary Lou Fulton Teacher's College. National Geographic Society's Education Foundation supports alliances in all 50 states and provides a base level of funding for the operations of each alliance. This grant support has varied over the past 2 decades and presently stands at 27,500. With this base support, we are able to leverage funding to obtain additional grants from such organizations as APS.
Effective start/end date9/1/1511/1/17


  • National Geographic Society Education Foundation: $27,500.00


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