Arizona Four Corners Teacher Prep Project (AZ4CTPP)

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The Arizona Four Corners Teacher Preparation Project (AZ4CTPP) will prepare, certify, and provide a one-year induction period for 16 American Indian elementary educators currently working in Navajo Nation schools, who are serving as paraprofessionals. AZ4CTPP is a fouryear project that is designed to prepare teachers with a specialized knowledge base to meet the academic and cultural needs of AI/AN students. The project is also a strategic capacity-building alliance between the Department of Din Education (DDOE) and Arizona State Universitys Center for Indian Education (CIE), in cooperation with Navajo Nation schools. Project Objectives and Activities: Goals include: (1) increasing by 16 the number of American Indians/Alaska Natives (AI/ANs) who obtain licensure while completing bachelors degrees in Indian Education; and (2) instituting a culturally relevant program that trains 16 AI teachers to be learners and leaders in education. Objectives include: (1) recruiting 16 AI participants from among the AZ4CTPP Consortium; (2) meeting participants financial expenses for AZ4CTPP participation; (3) identifying and hiring an American Indian Resource Group Leader who will provide on-site supervision and mentoring in AZ4CTPP coursework; (6) implementing a mentoring program with qualified local educators to induct participants into their first year of teaching; (7) tracking teachers to assess their AZ4CTPP experiences; and (8) collecting data to extend AZ4CTPP to continue meeting the education needs of AI/AN communities. Through distance education delivered via video-enabled real time classes as well as n-person courses, and on-site mentoring and supervision, participants will complete coursework and teacher certification without having to leave their home communities. AZ4CTPP will implement research-based strategies that ensure that participants develop high levels of proficiency in meeting rigorous academic standards (national, state, tribal) within a framework of cultural infusion and curriculum alignment.
Effective start/end date10/1/1012/31/14


  • US Department of Education (DOEd): $1,153,815.00


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