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Arizona Art Tank Grant: Arizona State University Art Xchange Arizona State University Art Xchange Arizona State University Art Xchange is an innovative service conceived and implemented by the School of Art at ASU. Developed in response to a demonstrated need, the ASU Art Xchange is primarily a web portal that connects campus units, ASU-affiliated business, and community organizations with Herberger Institute School of Art students, faculty, and alumni to support rotating displays of original art. How does it work? Eligible facilities and artists each register on the ASU Art Xchange web portal that is currently in development through a $5k grant provided by the ASU Parking& Transit Services Benefactor Program. Both the facilities and the artists log in to the portal to complete surveys indicating their preferences for engagement in the program. Student, faculty and alumni artists will indicate details regarding the work they are able to offer (i.e. number of works in a series, medium, dimensions, thematic category, whether or not it is framed, loan period and/or purchase price) and will be able to upload thumbnail images of available work. Campus, community and business partnering organizations will indicate their needs and capacities (i.e. number of works desired, mediums, size limitations, thematic categories, desired loan period or purchasing/framing budget, frequency of rotation). Preferences are logged in a database and upon registration, partnering units are presented with potential artist matches and contact information. Installation support and rotation requests are directed to the ASU Art Xchange administrator, who will then coordinate the details of the exhibition and installation, and function as a mediator for any issues that arise. The ASU Art Xchange idea was born from the weekly, sometimes daily, inquiries received by School of Art Director Adriene Jenik for rotating displays of student work. Some exhibition and commissioning partnerships have been formed (notably with the Phoenix office of the international law firm Squire, Sanders; the Arizona Community Foundation; and the new ASU Health Services building and new McCord Hall building at the W.P.Carey School), but unfortunately, without the staff and technology infrastructure that our proposal enables, or significant funding from the inquiring entity, we are not able to support these requests. In bringing the technology infrastructure into place, we are operating as a team comprised of School of Art Director Adriene Jenik, Graduate Research Assistant Kara Roschi, and Graduate Web Developer Ankur Chaudhary.
Effective start/end date1/1/146/30/14


  • Arizona Commission on the Arts: $10,000.00


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