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Arizona Alzheimer's Consortium (AAC) FY20 Arizona Alzheimer's Consortium (AAC) FY20 PI: Heather Bimonte-Nelson Title: Behavioral impact of surgical menopause variants with aging PI: David Brafman Title: Using hiPSC-models to establish a causative link between traumatic brain injury (TBI), neuroinflammation, and Alzheimers disease PI: David Coon Title: Piloting an Evidence-based Intervention for Those Living alone with Mild Cognitive Impairment PI: Cassie Gipson-Reichardt Title: An evaluation of neuroinflammatory processes in nicotine relapse during young adulthood and normal aging in females PI: Diego Mastroeni Title: Are PSEN1 E280A mutation carriers an accelerated form of Dementia with Lewy body, not Alzheimers disease? PI: Ben Readhead Title: Multiomic modelling of microbe-host interactions in the brain affected by late onset Alzheimers disease PI: Sarah Stabenfeldt Title: Injury-induced neuroinflammation as a contributor to Alzheimers Disease PI: Yalin Wang Title: Developing A Univariate Neurodegeneration Imaging Biomarker with Morphometric Gaussian Process PI: Melissa Wilson Title: Sex differences in healthy and Alzheimer's Disease brain gene expression. AAC FY20 Supplemental Funds
Effective start/end date7/1/1912/31/20


  • Arizona Alzheimer's Consortium: $495,000.00


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