Arab Global Grid for Learning (AGFL)

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Arab Global Grid for Learning (AGFL) Global Grid for Learning Partnership with Cambridge University Press and Dublin City - GGFL was founded by a royal charter granted to the University of Cambridge by King Henry VIII in 1534. It is the oldest printer and publisher in the world, having been operating continuously since 1584, and is one of the largest academic publishers globally. Its purpose is to further the University's objective of advancing learning, knowledge and research. Global Grid for Learning is a company. The vision for Global Grid for Learning is to be the digital content supply network for education worldwide. In line with the University's mission to advance education and knowledge worldwide, the goal of Global Grid for Learning is to connect one billion resources to education in the next ten years. Global Grid for Learning comprises of a commercial content service,, and an open content community service, 1. Strategic Goals (i) With DCU, alt"l to become a Lead Academic Partner for the Global Grid for Learning project. (ii) alt"I and DCU to advise and support on matters relating to the use of Global Grid for Learning. (iii) alt"I and DCU to participate in the development of the non-commercial service of Global Grid for Learning. Arab Grid for Learning (AGFL)
Effective start/end date8/1/0810/31/11


  • INDUSTRY: Foreign Company: $161,954.00


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