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Analysis of Sustainable Recreation Program Analysis of Sustainable Recreation Program The Tonto National Forest is the fifth largest forest and one of the most-visited urban forests in the U.S. with approximately 5.8 million visitors annually. Tonto provides a wide range of day use and overnight recreation and tourism opportunities including, but not limited to, fishing, camping, and boating to the growing urban population of metro Phoenix, surrounding areas, and out-of-state and international tourists. Recreation and tourism bring health and vitality to individuals and communities and helps to connect with their natural and cultural heritage. However, there is a need to have comprehensive sustainable recreation programs to provide quality recreation opportunities to the public while protecting natural and cultural assets. The USDA Forest Service developed a sustainable recreation framework comprised of ten focus areas. This analysis will be guided by the sustainable recreation framework to develop a sustainable financial foundation for the Forest. A systematic user fee process was put into place when the U.S. Congress authorized four land management agencies, including the Forest Service, to collect recreation fees in 1996. After nine years of testing different types of fees and fee management systems, the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (REA) of 2004 was enacted, authorizing the agencies to continue charging fees for another 10 years. Under this law, the Tonto National Forest charges fees to day- and over-night users. Several events have occurred in the past few months, however, that will affect the existing fee plan. To assist the Forest with the modifications that must be made to the current fee system, ASU will conduct an analysis of current and potential fee management systems work with the Forest Service in developing an alternative and sustainable fee structure.
Effective start/end date8/14/126/30/14


  • USDA: Forest Service (FS): $63,408.00


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