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AmeriCorps is the path many adults have chosen to build their employment skills, earn an income, and get a job, but there is scanty evidence-based data that supports these claims. Additionally, previous research conflates volunteerism with national service and internships. This study will differentiate among different types of service: national service, wage-based/internships, and informal volunteering to determine who serves and why, where job opportunities are created and how, and how these different types of service impact preparation and employment among working-age adults, as well as populations who are disconnected from education and employment. In addition, there will be a more in-depth analysis of the long-term impact of AmeriCorps State and National service on individual career paths.
In response, we are proposing a mixed-methods, quasi-experimental study to determine whether those individuals with AmeriCorps State or National Service experience are more successful in their employment endeavors than their counterparts without AmeriCorps experience. First, key experts will be interviewed from AmeriCorps State and National programs to ensure all relevant to inform this study is collected. National data will also be collected from CNCS on AmeriCorps State and National Program members and alumni to determine national trends in employment outcomes and demographic patterns of those who participate. Next, we will survey 3,600 alumni and 3,600 adults who were never AmeriCorps members across six states representing the five CNCS regions. The question pattern will be designed to assess educational attainment, employment training and preparation, employment history, and service/volunteerism. Comparisons will be made to determine if the AmeriCorps alumni have enjoyed greater employment success and if they have different perceptions regarding civic engagement than their non-AmeriCorps counterparts.
Thirty six focus groups, three with AmeriCorps alumni and three with non-alumni, in the same survey states will be conducted with participants to discuss their employment, education, skills acquisition, and civic engagement experiences. These focus groups will allow the research team to gauge how their perceptions may vary from the general population based on AmeriCorps involvement.
Effective start/end date10/1/159/30/18


  • Corporation for National and Community Service (National Service): $251,920.00


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