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Alliance Network Grant 2009-2010 Alliance Network Grant 2009-2010 Geography is one strand within the social studies standard. Thus, from a policymaker perspective at the Arizona Department of Education the need for improved geographic literacy and teacher training is well recognized. Furthermore, the Arizona Geographic Alliance is recognized by the Arizona Department of Education as the go to organization to assist in this arena. We have consistently been asked to support their efforts in implementing state standards, testing of teachers for social studies credentials, and providing quality training in geography education. From the policymakers that represent us in local, state and national government; it is a very mixed bag of who supports geographic literacy and teacher training. Our conservative state and local officials are pretty much in the dark as to the importance of geography education. However, a few of the bright spots (Representatives Mitchell, Grijalva, and Pastor) have signed on to TGIF. Our repeated efforts to get support from Senators Kyl and McCain have not been successful, but they are aware of TGIF. The general public in Arizona does not completely understand the need for improved geographic literacy. Although they play with such tools as Google Earth, the general public is stunningly ignorant in terms of geographic literacy. They still think that geography is naming places and using latitude and longitude. Educators within Arizona do understand the need for improved geographic literacy. They join the Arizona Geographic Alliance and participate in our events. They work with our leadership to come up with such ideas as GeoLiteracy (including ELL adaptations) and GeoMath efforts to infuse 2 geography into classrooms and to assist teachers with materials aimed at Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in math and reading.
Effective start/end date10/2/0911/1/11


  • National Geographic Society Education Foundation: $23,000.00


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