AIMS Core Project: 2013 Aerojet (PWR) Consortium Project

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AIMS Core Project: 2013 Aerojet (PWR) Consortium Project Aerojet (PWR) 2013 Consortium Project Aerojet (PWR) 2013 AIMS Consortium Project Abstract Research will be conducted in the areas of damage, manufacturing, and uncertainty modeling of ceramic matrix composite materials. Specifically the research will focus on capturing the manufactured state and multiscale uncertainty/variability present in these composites to improve material behavior and damage initiation and progression predictive modeling capabilities. The output of this research will contribute to the fundamental understanding of the role architectural uncertainty plays in the damage of composite materials and how this affects their behavior and applications.
Effective start/end date6/12/137/31/14


  • INDUSTRY: Various Consortium Members: $3,070.00


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