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Agouron Australia Drilling Project Agouron Australia Drilling Project Agouron Australia Drilling Project Arizona State University School of Earth and Space Exploration Proposal 13054214 PI: Ariel Anbar Period of Performance: January 1, 2013 December 31, 2013 Scope of work: This project involves analysis by ICP-MS of metal concentrations and isotopes in three drill cores from Western Australia collected as part of this Agouron drilling project. We anticipate analyzing 625 rock samples. In addition, ASU will serve as the curatorial home for these samples during the project period. We therefore seek to cover costs of analysis and of curation, as well as costs associated with presenting scientific results and coordination with project partners. Personnel: We request 25% time for Research Scientist Gwyneth Gordon ($18,091, exclusive of benefits) to oversee sample analysis. We request $10,000 for technician time to curate and sample the cores for project partners during the award period. Materials and Supplies: We estimate that $30,000 will be required for the planned ICP-MS analyses of 625 samples. This covers the costs of sample prep ($16.85/sample) and instrument analysis time ($18.39/sample), as well as fixed costs of $7,335 for labware and consumables for sample preparation. $10,000 is requested toward equipping and maintaining the curatorial facility that will house the cores at ASU. Travel: $3000 is sought toward domestic travel. This covers the costs of the PI and Research Scientist Gordon to attending a major week-long conference (e.g., AGU) to present results and coordinate with collaborators (estimated at $1500 per person). We request $5000 in foreign travel to support a visit by the PI to collaborators in Australia. The has a public policy to reimburse no more than 15% of total direct costs, excluding equipment (see:
Effective start/end date1/1/136/30/15


  • Agouron Institute: $87,867.00


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