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Agent Learner Initiative From Academic Agency to Learner Agent Arizona State University (ASU) is pleased to request the Charles H. Koch Foundations support to advance the Learner Agent model, an evolution of ASUs Academic Enterprise logic that brings enhanced meaning, purpose and capacity to American public research universities and their missions to effectively serve all of society. Although Americas higher education system is the envy of the world, its evolution is incomplete and its promise of access, affordability, and universal student success remains unfulfilled. In recognition of the systems current deficiencies, ASU has worked over nearly two decades to initiate an era of purposedriven innovation and create new possibilities for empowering learners as individuals, beginning with its advancement of the New American University a prototype for research universities that seek to define themselves not by whom they exclude but whom they include and how they succeed. To achieve the goals of the New American University, ASU evolve from an academic agency operational logic to an academic enterprise operational logic. The Learner Agent model extends ASUs innovative institutional design by leveraging new technology combined with bold strategies to solve long-standing challenges facing American higher education and take advantage of the opportunity to build universities capacity to serve the interests of learners and maximize each students agency to pursue their full self-defined potential.
Effective start/end date6/19/207/31/25


  • Charles Koch Foundation: $10,000,000.00


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