African American Families' Uses of Technology for Learning Outside of School (ASUF 30006293)

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African American Families' Uses of Technology for Learning Outside of School (ASUF 30006293) African American Families Uses of Technology for Learning Outside of School Technology presents the greatest potential for minority communities to begin to improve their conditions and get their needs met through rich learning environments that act as scaffolds to learner performance (Clark, 2005). Despite its significance, African Americans tend to be the least likely population to fully adopt and access the affordances of technology and digital media. While there is some research indicating what factors inspire or deter this population from technology adoption, there is limited understanding on the pivotal variables affecting African Americans attitudes, motivation, and uses of technology. Not only is this group as a whole understudied but attention to intragroup differences remains narrowly understood. This project aims to fill an empirical void by collecting data relentlessly focused on African Americans' experiences with technology. The primary objective of our work will be to advance knowledge and understanding of how to design innovative technology experiences for African American in formal and non-formal learning environments by: 1) Examining the educational, social, and educational technology needs and uses by African American families; 2) Identifying and analyzing the impact of sociocultural factors (e.g. gender, geography, household income) mediating technology use and needs; 3) Producing innovative dissemination tools to inform a broad audience of our findings. We will explore issues of technology awareness, relevance to familial/community needs, technology attitudes and perceptions, access to technology resources, and motivation to use technology.
Effective start/end date9/1/148/15/17


  • Gates (Bill and Melinda) Foundation: $500,000.00


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