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ADVANCING SOFT LAW GOVERNANCE FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ADVANCING SOFT LAW GOVERNANCE FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Arizona State University (ASU)through the Center for Law, Science and Innovation (LSI or the Center) at the Sandra Day OConnor College of Law (ASU Law), and with Regents Professor Gary E. Marchant as the Principal Investigatorproposes the formation of a national academic task group to address critical issues regarding the governance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. This group comprised of leading scholars in law, governance, and AIwill investigate the use of soft law governance for AI as an alternative to outdated legal and regulatory frameworks that often hinder innovation. The group will publish its findings in prominent publications to maximize public awareness and to elevate the national discourse surrounding AI and how it should be governed. The ultimate goal is to lay the essential scholarly groundwork and to build the necessary tools that will empower policymakers in the U.S. and elsewhere to adopt governance mechanisms that catalyze, not dampen, innovation in AI technology, while allaying fears based on public misperceptions and averting legitimate risks
Effective start/end date9/1/196/30/22


  • Charles Koch Foundation: $460,000.00


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