Advancing High-Power Diamond Devices Toward Commercialization

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Advancing High-Power Diamond Devices Toward Commercialization Advancing High-Power Diamond Devices Toward Commercialization The ASU team will be responsible for the diamond growth component of the research including materials characterization. As well as device simulations and design. Advancing High-Power Diamond Devices Toward Commercialization Arizona State University is a world leader in single-crystal diamond research. Consequently, working with ASU means Advent Diamond will have access to some of the best diamond reactors as well as access to an extensive knowledge base in the field. Moreover, the ASU team has extensive research on diamond electronics based on Schottky and pin diodes, which will be directly applicable to this project. ASU is a subawardee for the NSF SBIR Phase II. The ASU Team will provide fabricate state-of-the-art diamond layer structures for Schottky and PIN diodes on single crystal diamond substrates using diamond deposition methods being developed as part of NSF SBIR Phase II. The intrinsic diamond deposition will include: 1. Off-centered plasma growth 2. Oxygen concentration addition Phosphorus diamond deposition will be calibrated on (1 0 0) and (1 1 1) substrates to meet the device specification of the NSF TECP project. ASU will provide total 12 samples with Schottky PIN and PIN structures during the duration of the TECP. Intrinsic layer and phosphorus doped diamond deposition will be done on one substrate per deposition run for high quality diamond. Five samples will be prepared for SIMS characterization and data will be shared with Advent Diamond. Advancing High-Power Diamond Devices Toward Commercialization - Revision - 2 The student will be trained to use the DC and RF probe stations in Dr Thorntons lab ERC224. Once trained they will measure the electrical characteristics of diamond pn junction diodes supplied by Advent Diamond. The measurements will include high frequency s-parameter measurements up to 26 GHz. The data will be provided to Advent diamond and the student will assist with the data analysis and parameter extraction.
Effective start/end date7/30/2010/31/23


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $149,899.00


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