Advancing Diamond Devices Toward Commercialization

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Advancing Diamond Devices Toward Commercialization Advancing Diamond Devices Toward Commercialization Arizona State University has been a leader in the development of single-crystal diamond processes, where recent innovations have led to world record results in diamond devices. Diamond has superior semiconductor properties for power electronics, such as a wider bandgap, higher breakdown field, increased carrier mobility, and the highest thermal conductivity. After solving critical deposition challenges, ASU is revolutionizing diamond devices for harsh environments such as high temperature, high pressure, and high radiation. The implications of this technology in the marketplace could be significant. For example, the innovation of diamond technologies will enhance the efficiency and reliability of electric vehicles, thus supporting the development of green technology and reduction of CO2 emissions. More specifically, replacing silicon PN diodes with diamond diodes in electrically powered vehicle traction inverters, voltage boost DC/DC converters, fuel cell air compressor motor drives, and other onboard power management converters with diamond diodes in powertrain inverters will reduce average losses by >33%. Currently, ASU is focusing on PIN-based devices, such as diodes and radiation detectors. However, while the impact of diamond diodes is noteworthy, the development of this technology is also intended to advance other diamond-based power devices. The successful commercialization of diamond will ultimately affect many power markets in addition to EPVs, including converters and inverters in geothermal drilling, aerospace, and power grids as well as high-frequency applications such as radar and communication systems and extreme environment electronics relevant to the nuclear industry and space exploration, such as the exploration of Venus. As diamond technology is new and Arizona State University trying to find niche markets because of the high cost still associated with diamond. It is, therefore, a critical first step for diamond technologies to identify markets where the exceptional properties provide enough value to customers to justify a higher price point. Customer discovery is thus essential to the development of diamond electronics. Participation in I Corps @ DoD, ASU would be willing to go through thorough customer discovery for successful commercialization of diamond devices. We hope to develop relationships with potential collaborators and customers, gauge interest in our technology as well as qualify and further develop the functionality of our technology to meet specific market needs. Ultimately, Arizona State hopes to commercialize these diamond electronics through a faculty spin out, ADVENT Diamond. ADVENTs vision is to develop some of the first diamond power devices for commercialization with unique properties. The close relationship of ADVENT with ASU allows ADVENT to maintain strong ties with the university research community, foster collaboration with the worlds leading experts, and access extensive facilities and resources. Consequently, ADVENT can develop high-quality diamond devices and advance next-generation technology with low overhead.
Effective start/end date11/1/1710/31/20


  • DOD-ARMY: Army Materiel Command (AMC): $70,000.00


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