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Advanced Wireless Communications Research Program Advanced Wireless Communications Research Program Arizona State University will be contracted by Lincoln Laboratory to conduct research in the area of distributed coherent and adaptive multiple antenna communications. The work will be executed within one calendar year after receipt of funding, and the research will be executed by a combination of Professor Dan Bliss and graduate students under his tutelage. Deliverables will consist of reports delivered to Lincoln Laboratory. The work will be executed at Arizona State University. 2 Proposed Statement of Work Arizona State University will conduct a research program for one calendar year focusing on the following topics: Techniques for allowing the distributed coherent communications and adaptive mul- tiple antenna processing. Adaptive interference mitigation, distributed coherence, and distributed reception will be investigated. The investigations will include theoretical, simulated, and preliminary limited hardware demonstrations. Specically, Arizona State University will investigate the use of training, feedback, source compression, and adaptive processing to enable the communications between distributed sets of nodes as a coher- ent transmit and receive systems. The problems of channel dynamics, independent local oscillators, and limited channel feedback, will be investigated. The work will be directed by Professor Dan Bliss, who will direct US citizen graduate students. Advanced Wireless Communications Research Program Distributed Relay Communications
Effective start/end date7/1/138/31/18


  • DOD: Air Force (USAF): $295,550.00


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