Advanced Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells

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Advanced Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells Advanced Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells The 3-year goal of the collaboration is to develop a commercially-compatible 25% efficient thin solar cell using heterojunctions for surface passivation and junction formation. The work plan is divided into three-one year periods with an annual report due. The specific outcomes for the first year are given below: Year 1 1. Efficiency target 15% at the cell area of 1cm2 2. Modeling/Simulation and analysis of loss mechanism in Si hetero-junction rear contact solar cell. 3. Verification of the structure and process for Si heter-junction rear contact solar cell. 4. Concepts for photomask free process for 2nd & final year's target.
Effective start/end date8/1/101/31/12


  • INDUSTRY: Foreign Company: $150,000.00


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