Advanced III-N UV VCSELS Operating at 369NM with Narrow-line-width Emission

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Research at ASU will focus on Advanced III-N epitaxial materials characterization using STEM, CL, HAADF, and RBS which involves detail studies of the microstructure (TEM, XRD), the electronic properties (Electron holography in the TEM) and the optical properties (spatially-resolved cathodoluminescence imaging and time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy); all of these carried out at nanometer scale resolution. A correlation between these properties will lead us to formulate the physics behind crystal growth parameters and device performance.

During the Base Period we will focus on exploring the basic materials and optical properties of AlInGaN and BAlN materials and heterostructures, particularly, the MQW active region, waveguide, and cladding layers. We will also evaluate damage due to ICP etching of DBR mirrors. In Option 1 the AlInGaN LD structures will be characterized and the results used to optimize the LD devices. In Option 2 device structures will be characterized before and after device operation to evaluate the reliability of these LDs.
Effective start/end date11/8/163/3/18


  • DOD: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA): $118,216.00


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