Adidas - Perception of 'fast'

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Adidas - Perception of 'fast' Adidas - Perception of 'fast' Creating a function that maps various perceptual responses (eg. fast, cushy, stable etc.) onto design, materials and positioning characteristics is one of the most sought-after innovations in product design/creation space. Due to the complex interaction between different elements, the possibility space is virtually infinite so a comprehensive map creation is not feasible. In this context a reductionist approach has to be applied in order to answer (even incompletely) the design mapping question above. Thus, for this study the focus will be on one specific perceptual quality of the product: fast. In particular the quantification of perception of various footwear design silhouettes is of interest for the adidas team.
Effective start/end date11/25/194/30/20


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $13,884.00


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