ADCRR 2022 Reentry Summit Event

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ADCRR 2022 Reentry Summit Event ADCRRs 2022 Reentry Summit ASU shall provide services and coordination of training, conferences and other events as outlined below, as events are identified, a scope of work and budget will be issued as an attachment: To Budget 3.1.1. ASU will establish event budget(s) and submit for approval to ADCRR Project Coordinator and prepare expenditure reports; and 3.1.2. ASU will manage costs, outgoing revenues associated with trainings, conferences, and other events to include and trainers or speakers; and 3.1.3. ASU will prepare profit/loss statement and invoice the Department for all expenses incurred by ASU in performing the services described herein. Registration Management and Marketing 3.2.1. Create and manage the on-line registration; and 3.2.2. Customer Service/Registration Assistance; and 3.2.3. Accounts Receivable and Reporting/Tracking; and 3.2.4. Format and disperse marketing materials including Save the Date Announcement; 3.2.5. Create and reproduce brochure (online and printed on-site) for the events; and 3.2.6. ASU will post promotional materials and event information at, as well as disseminate information through the ASU listserv; and 3.2.7. Post presentations and associated materials on the ASU website for participants to access. Planning and Program Development. Subject to the availability and adequacy of funding Provided by ADCRR, ASU will: 3.3. l Order materials from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) for distribution to participants at exhibit tables; and 3.3.2. Conduct an evaluation including a 30-day post event survey; and 3.3.3. Plan and conduct technical assistance and/or training as needed and directed by the Logistics 3.4. l Secure event locations and coordinate logistics (negotiation of contract, parking and Audio/visual equipment); and 3.4.2. Contract with selected trainers, technical assistance providers, presenters, lecturers, and keynote speakers; and 3.4.3. Secure travel arrangements/honorariums; and 3.4.4. Secure applicable continuing education units (CEUs) and/or hours including creating and distributing certificates to participants; and 3.4.5. Provide web-site and/or on-site registration at the event; and 3.4.6. Coordinate, train and oversee event staff and volunteers (e.g. room monitors). Sponsorship & Exhibits 3.5.1. Shall be requested on as a needed basis as agreed upon; and 3.5.2. Format and distribute via postal mail and email, sponsorship and exhibit solicitation to designated recipients; and 3.5.3. Manage sponsor and exhibitor registration, registration, recognition and setup.
Effective start/end date7/6/228/31/23


  • DOJ-OJP: Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA): $43,001.00


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