Activity 7: Genomics and its ethical economic environmental legal and social aspects

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Activity 7: Genomics and its ethical economic environmental legal and social aspects Increasing feed efficiency and reducing methane emissions through genomics: a new promising goal for the Canadian diary industry Scope of work Dairy More research is needed on what influences producer behavior, and in this research we will examine the role of breeding companies, veterinarians and producers social networks in shaping producers trust levels and willingness to adopt the new technology for heifers. Beyond that, several questions will be studied, for example: what are the roles of veterinarians and social networks on decisions to change key production characteristics of individual farms? Is there a difference in the impact of higher FE and lower ME on producer decision making in Quebec versus Alberta? The dairy industry is well organized and somewhat cohesive as compared to other livestock industries due to the supply management structure of the industry. Revenues/profits of dairy producers are also more stable than in other non-supply managed sectors. In that context it is particularly important to identify whether the role of advisers such as veterinarians and social networks differs or is similar to the same roles in other sectors. Information on why a user might change the characteristics of his dairy operation given higher FE or reduced ME, can either unintentionally influence another users decision making if no intentional communication between the two exists or intentionally influence another user in a particular network by making positive or negative comments on how dairy operations might change. Social network analysis of dairy producers will be undertaken in three geographic regions of Canada. In addition the role of veterinarians in dairy operation changes will be investigated, both through their views and through their influence on producer decision making. Through the producer social network analysis and through interviews of veterinarians and on the role of veterinarians as seen by dairy producers - dairy producer decision making will be better understood and the practical implications of a variety of technologies including genomics on future structure of the dairy farm sector can be predicted. This will be important for predicting future environmental benefits of any changes in technology. Research will focus on producer decision making related to genomics in particular, but will also focus on questions of sustainability within the sector more broadly.
Effective start/end date10/1/159/30/19


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