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ACEPS-Center for the Advanced Control of Energy and Power Systems PARTIAL PSERC CENTER SUPPORT SRP - PSERC PROJECT (2003 - 2004) Increment for Support from SRP SRP-PSERC Project 1997-2007 SRP-PSERC PROJECT 2008 SRP PROJECT 2009 SRP-PSERC Supplement 2010-2011 The first part of this project deals with the identification of skew errors and other inaccuracies from GPS data for phasor measurement units. A graduate researcher will endeavor to find methods to alleviate these errors and report the entire project in a final report. The second part of the work deals with photovoltaic generation and how it impacts voltages in power systems. Light load conditions will be a focus. A graduate researcher will calculate the operating impact of photovoltaic generators at light load level, and a final report shall be written SRP-PSERC PROJECT 1997 - 2007 (Supplement to DWT0007) SRP-PSERC PROJECT (Supplement to DWT0007) TEMPERATURE AND WIND SPEED PROBABILITIES IN THE PHOENIX METROPOLITAN AREA 2014-2015 SRP Supplement (DWT0007) 2015-2016 SRP Supplement (DWT0007) 2016-2017 SRP Supplement (DWT0007) ACEPS: Center for the Advanced Control of Energy and Power Systems 2017-2018 Renewal SRP ACEPS PROJECT EE-01: Designing a Robust Voltage Support System (VSS) for SRP Transmission System SRP ACEPS PROJECT EE-02: Development of a Co-simulation Platform for ASPEN and PSLF to Represent Protective Relaying Functions in Transient Stability Simulations SRP ACEPS PROJECT EE-03: Enabling and Incentivizing Active Participation of Customers in a Smart Grid SRP ACEPS PROJECT EE-04: Three-phase Line Parameter Estimation for the Bulk Power System of SRP using PMUs SRP ACEPS PROJECT EE-05: Identifying Unique Power System Signatures for Determining Vulnerability of Critical Power System Assets SRP ACEPS PROJECT EE-06: A common consequence of failure framework to compare investments or maintenance decisions between different types of transmission assets SRP ACEPS PROJECT EE-07: Determining Optimal Battery Storage along a Distribution Feeder SRP ACEPS PROJECT EE-08: An Examination of Transmission System Flexibility Metrics SRP ACEPS PROJECT EE-11: Adaptive Stochastic Expansion Planning SRP ACEPS PROJECT EE-21: Adaptive Stochastic Expansion Planning: Phase II SRP ACEPS PROJECT EE-13: Fully Automated Power Plant Model Validation (PPMV) Using PMU Measurements SRP ACEPS PROJECT EE-07: Fully Automated Power Plant Model Validation (PPMV) using PMU Measurements Phase II Examination of Fault Induced Delayed Voltage Recovery and its Mitigation in SRP's Bulk Power System with detailed representation of renewable resources SRP ACEPS PROJECT EE-03: A Systematic Approach to Using Power System Signatures for Uniquely Identifying Failing Asset Identification of Utility-Scale Renewable Penetration Threshold for SRP in a Dynamic Set-ting Inferencing the Affiliation of Customer Meters to a Transformer An Investigation of the Effects of Reclosing on Distribution Systems with Under-ground Cables Enhancing the Operational Reliability and Efficiency of Transmission Grids with Energy Router Justify the SRP Needs for DC Metering at the House-Level Storage Devices Vulnerability-Based 230 kV Bulk System Component Maintenance and Replace-ment Strategy ECEE SRP EE-01: Adaptive Stochastic Expansion Planning ECEE SRP EE-02: Harmonics of Inverter-Based Resources (IBRs): Risks Evaluation and Mitigation. ECEE SRP EE-08: Big-Data Analytics Software for Smart Meter Status Monitoring and Situational Awareness ECEE SRP EE-12: Implication of Increased Penetration of Converter Interfaced Renewable Generation on Fault Induced Delayed Voltage Recovery and Voltage/VAr Coordination ECEE ACEPS SRP Admin Funding for 2020-2021 ECEE ACEPS SRP Admin Funding for 2021-2022
Effective start/end date7/1/968/31/22


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $8,752,385.00


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