A Uniform Analysis of Directly Imaged Debris Disks

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A Uniform Analysis of Directly Imaged Debris Disks A Uniform Analysis of Directly Imaged Debris Disks Co-I Patience will serve as PhD supervisor to ASU graduate student Justin Hom so that the data for the research project is analyzed, interpreted, and made available to the community within the timeline of the program. This work will be at no cost to the project. Co-I Hom will work throughout the academic year and Summer, developing a framework to analyze and model the LLP disk data with a uniform approach to determine disk geometric properties and scattering phase functions. PhD student Hom will use the radiative transfer code MCFOST to develop theoretical models of the wavelength and polarization behavior of the LLP disks and then simulated GPI observations will be generated and compared with the data. In the Fall semester, Hom will develop the final total intensity and polarized light images of each disk and prepare the first set of models utilizing a set of input scattering phase functions to investigate disk geometric properties. In the Spring semester and continuing into the Summer term, the work will extend to the scattering phase functions and polarization fractions. Throughout the project, the ASU Co-Is will participate in regular meetings with the STScI PI Chen and UC Berkeley collaborator Duchene.
Effective start/end date8/10/208/19/21


  • National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA): $61,989.00


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