A Simple System for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

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A Simple System for Early Detection of Breast Cancer A Simple System for Early Detection of Breast Cancer Abstract It is very clear that early detection and treatment can essentially eliminate the mortality associated with breast cancer. The challenge has been to develop a method to detect breast cancer early that is not in itself expensive to use as a screen and does not lead to a high burden of false positives. We propose to determine if the immunosignaturing diagnostic platform can meet these requirements. Immunosignaturing is based on profiling the total antibody content of an individual on random sequence, high density peptide chips. The technology is scalable so it can be inexpensive and simple in that it only requires sending a drop of blood in the mail. The issue is whether it is sensitive and specific enough to distinguish tumors early and distinguish which tumors require treatment. Fortunately, historical blood samples from the Breast Cancer Family Registry can be used to determine this question. These prospectively collected samples will allow testing how early breast cancer can be detected. Comparison to samples from benign tumors will determine specificity. If successful a new approach for early detection of breast cancer will have been established
Effective start/end date7/1/146/30/17


  • DOD-ARMY-MRMC: Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP): $3,026,627.00


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