A Personal Mobile Tool for Effective Weight Management

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A Personal Mobile Tool for Effective Weight Management A personal mobile tool for effective weight management This project focuses on developing an innovative mobile health device for personalized weight management, and validating the effectiveness of device for weight management. The device was invented by researchers in the Biodesign Institute of ASU, in close collaboration with clinicians in UA. The pocket-sized device is paired with a smartphone, and can track multiple physiological and behavioral parameters of an individual, including his/her resting energy expenditure (REE, or so-called metabolism), a critical physiological parameter recommended by the American Dietetic Association for weight management. The method for REE measurement is based on the FDA-approved indirect calorimetry. In addition to REE, the device tracks weight via a wireless scale, physical activity via built-in smartphone sensors, and diet intake changes via users inputs. It also features an intelligent algorithm to track the weight loss progress and provide recommendations based on the measured physiological and behavioral parameters. The device helps the treatment of obesity and the mitigation of problems in weight loss programs, such us weight plateaus due to drops in metabolism. It also provides seamless communication (e.g., e-mail, Facebook, and text messages) between the individual and health professionals and peers for guidance and motivation. The basic science and technology of the device has been established, and the major tasks of the present proposal include the development of smartphone-based algorithms for effective intervention (ASU), and the evaluation of the effectiveness of the home-based intervention (UA) using subjects selected from patients who are receiving weight loss treatment in the Diabetes Research Program at UA.
Effective start/end date7/1/1312/30/16


  • Flinn Foundation: $100,000.00


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