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This Arizona State University (ASU) led pilot project of the Expert and Citizen Assessment of Science and Technology (ECAST) network will work collaboratively with NASA to design, test, develop, implement, analyze and assess two on-site and one on-line citizen forums for collecting informed public views on NASAs Asteroid Initiative. The on-site forums will be one-day facilitated deliberations hosted in parallel in Boston and Phoenix. Each participant group will be selected based on demographic criteria representative of the diversity of the host region. The on-line forum will be six weeks in duration and involve participants who are self selected. The public views on the Asteroid Initiative collected from the forums and the assessment report will provide input to early stage planning of the Asteroid Initiative and other engagement activities.
Effective start/end date4/1/146/30/15


  • NASA: Goddard Space Flight Center: $196,908.00


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