A novel ionizing particle beam fluence and position detector array using the Micromegas technology with multicoordinate readout (Renewal)

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ASU takes responsibility for the design development of micromegas detectors capable of operating at high luminosity in nuclear physics experiments. ASU will test materials capable of providing the minimum thicknesses compatible with fabrication and ability to track particles while minimizing multiple scattering. ASU will design the micromega PCB pad configuration system that is better suited for nuclear physics experiments. ASU will then fabricate and assemble a pair of such detectors for testing with radioactive sources. ASU also takes responsibility for the design development of the read-out system capable of operating in pulse mode under large luminosities. ASU will then acquire, assemble, and test the readout system. The prototype detectors will be then tested in a real environment at the Low Energy Recirculator Facility at Jefferson Laboratory.
Effective start/end date7/3/175/29/20


  • US Department of Energy (DOE): $261,107.00


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