A Network Planning and Management Tool for Design of Robust and Resilient Networks to withstand WMD Attacks

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1. Abstract The network planners for large wide area networks need the right tools to design robust and resilient networks that can effectively withstand WMD attacks. With DTRA support, the PIs of this proposal have developed in the last few years, a fairly large body of knowledge in different aspects of design of robust and resilient networks to withstand the impact of a WMD attack. The goal of this project is to take the next logical step by incorporating this knowledge - techniques, algorithms and schemes - into a network planning and management tool that will enable backbone providers, such as, AT&T, Sprint, Qwest and Level 3 communications to (i) identify the most vulnerable part of their network against a WMD attack, and (ii) reinforce the network with the least cost so that the threat of network disruption due to a WMD attack is significantly reduced.
Effective start/end date1/29/149/29/15


  • DOD: Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA): $1,706,095.00


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