A Circumstellar Disk Survey of Low Mass Stars in Upper Scorpius

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A Circumstellar Disk Survey of Low Mass Stars in Upper Scorpius
Summary: With the high-contrast imaging capabilities of NIRC2 and the Vector Vortex Coronagraph, we
propose to conduct a survey of circumstellar disks in Upper Scorpius with a combination of
both high infrared excesses and high 0.88mm ALMA continuum fluxes. Existing near-IR
observations of Sco-Cen have yielded many spatially resolved circumstellar disks around
intermediate mass stars in the UCL and LCC regions, but cannot resolve disks around lower
mass stars. Only Keck has the sensitivity to extend the search for resolved scattered light disks
to lower mass K/M stars, and using the Kp filter on NIRC2, we will resolve and characterize the
disk morphologies for the first time in scattered light imaging. By combining the proposed
low-mass star survey with the existing GPI high-mass star survey, we will assemble a consistent
experimental dataset to explore the diversity of disk properties around stars with a common age
and formation environment.
Effective start/end date2/18/202/17/22


  • National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA): $15,650.00


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