3rd International Conference on Sustainability Science ICSS 2012: Sustainability Science in Action

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Arizona State University in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and Sapienza University of Rome is hosting the third International Conference on Sustainability Science (ICSS). ICSS is an international, transdisciplinary forum that brings together sustainability leaders from academia, industry, civil society and other institutions to address global sustainability challenges and link the science with action. ICSS 2012 will build on the work of the two previous meetings, but diverge from their structure. The proposed conference will center on engagement of case studies as a framework in which to examine state-of-the-art sustainability science research and practice. Objectives include: 1) Examining the role, conduct and outcomes of participatory research efforts 2) Identifying tools and methods with proven success in transformative research 3) Developing strategies for replicating such success 4) Studying the institutional structures that support sustainability science, and 5) Advancing the purpose, domain, conduct and methodologies of the field
Effective start/end date12/1/113/14/13


  • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): $15,000.00


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