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2021 Courseware Second Exemplar - NSE - ASU/CMU Courseware Innovation Challenge The primary outcome of this investment is to expand the availability of high quality, equity-centered courseware by supporting the design, development, delivery, and scaling of one courseware in the critical STEM domain aligned to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-sponsored Target Product Profile (TPP) to better serve Black, Latinx, and Indigenous students, and students experiencing poverty. By supporting ASU - CMUs alignment of courseware to the TPP, ASU - CMU can improve racial and socioeconomic equity in general chemistry. This investment will yield one modular, outcomes-driven, inquiry-based courseware that integrates innovative capabilities from CMUs Open Learning Initiative (OLI) and ASUs Center for Exploration (ETX) and Learning Enterprise (LE) groups. To facilitate broad adoption the courseware will be aligned with well-established introductory chemistry learning objectives, integrate widely used introductory chemistry learning resources (e.g., OpenStax content; PhET simulations; Crash Course videos), and will utilize open technology standards and frameworks that facilitate distribution through multiple channels and integration with diverse LMS. The courseware exemplar will center the needs of Black, Latinx, Indigenous students, and students from low-income backgrounds in the courseware design and development. The partners emphasize collaborative design with target faculty users and cultural relevance as key for improving outcomes for priority students. This project builds upon OLIs next-generation open-source courseware technology (Torus) and adaptive courseware capabilities, in collaboration with ASU and existing MSI co-development partners. CMUs essential contributions include data-driven design and improvement capabilities, Simon Initiative research and development capabilities, learning engineering expertise, and Torus platform development. ASUs contributions include equity-centered courseware design, culturally responsive and empathetic curriculum and content, adaptive courseware development and implementation, and support for the tiered implementation of evidence-based teaching practices through the adoption of high-quality courseware. This exemplary courseware will be designed in alignment with the TPP in order to establish a new benchmark for high-quality, innovative courseware that explicitly prioritizes racial and socioeconomic equity in the product design, development, and testing process, and in faculty implementation and professional development. Additionally, this courseware and development process will produce key insights and learnings which will inform our subsequent courseware development and upgrade courseware investments.
Effective start/end date11/23/2112/31/24


  • Gates (Bill and Melinda) Foundation: $2,999,876.00


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