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2013 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship - Gaithersburg 2013 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship - Gaithersburg Attached please find Arizona State Universitys application package to NIST Gaithersburg Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program. This institutional application includes 15 outstanding undergraduate nominees for your consideration. These 15 students represent six of the schools in ASUs Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and two schools in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Information on these programs, and a summary list of student nominees from each school, follows. The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering (http://engineering.asu.edu/) Located on the Tempe campus of Arizona State University, the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering provides an innovative, entrepreneurial educational environment to more than 5,900 undergraduates and 2,800 graduate students, giving them the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in technically-oriented careers. Annual college rankings by U.S. News& World Report placed ASUs undergraduate engineering programs in the top 25 percent of all undergraduate engineering programs in the nation. Fulton Engineering research expenditures were $77.6 million in fiscal year 2012. In the classroom and in the lab, faculty and students are generating discoveries, innovations and inventions needed to solve challenges in energy, health, sustainability, education and security. ASU is also home to over 30 engineering research centers and institutes, including the Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technologies Engineering Research Center funded by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy. Many of Fulton Engineerings 230-plus faculty members have been honored with the highest awards in their fields. Faculty members work collaboratively across ASU disciplines, as well as in partnership with industry, area businesses, and local, state and federal entities. Fulton Engineering emphasizes problem-solving, innovation, entrepreneurship, multidisciplinary interactions, societal context and connections. Its degree programs are administered across five schools to enable collaboration across disciplines, with faculty and students alike focusing their efforts on developing solutions that will have significant, lasting impact on local and global communities. Aerospace Engineering (http://engineering.asu.edu/semte/Aerospace.html) The Aerospace Engineering program offers concentrations in aeronautics and astronautics, giving students rigorous technical background and experience solving real and timely engineering problems. Faculty bring expertise in aerodynamics, propulsion, structures and materials, and vehicle and system design and control, along with strong ties to Arizonas aerospace and defense high-tech companies. SURF Nominee: Brianna Duong Chemical Engineering (http://engineering.asu.edu/semte) The Chemical Engineering program provides students with a strong foundation in chemical engineering and encourages individualized experience through coursework, research, crossdiscipline exploration, internships and professional societies. Research thrusts include advanced materials, energy and sustainability, therapeutics and behavioral health. SURF Nominees: Osama Khalil, Stuart Ness, Noelle Rabiah, Julie Rorrer, Daniel Stehlik Civil Engineering (http://ssebe.engineering.asu.edu/prospective-students/civil.html) The Civil Engineering program at ASU emphasizes sustainability as an integrated approach to engineering that focuses on the long-lasting improvement of the human condition. This focus on sustainability transforms the traditional design and construction methods of complex systems by the application of life cycle and environmental assessment, risk and uncertainty analysis and other emerging techniques. Faculty specialties include environmental engineering, geotechnical/geoenvironmental engineering, hydrosystems engineering, structures, sustainable engineering and transportation/pavements. SURF Nominee: Antonia Terrell Computer Science (http://cidse.engineering.asu.edu/) Our programs in Computer Science support the evolution of the computing and informatics disciplines, and the integration of computer and information sciences with other disciplines such as biology, geography, anthropology, public health, urban planning and mathematics. Ethics and professionalism are as important as technical skill while considering both the local and global impact of many Computer Science industry decisions. SURF Nominee: Jacob Ward Electrical Engineering (http://ecee.engineering.asu.edu/) From nanoscale electronic devices to the U.S. electric power grid, the Electrical Engineering program covers a diverse range of areas including energy production and distribution, healthcare technology and delivery, sustainable development and economic growth, communications technology, information management and global security. ASU is home to leading research centers in the field including the Center for Solid-State Electronics Research and the NSF-DOE Engineering Research Center, QESST. SURF Nominee: Arad Lajevardi-Khosh Engineering Management (http://cidse.engineering.asu.edu/forstudent/undergraduate/majors/engineering-managementbse/) The Engineering Management degree program is designed to produce graduates who are ready to lead a technology or engineering-driven enterprise. The curriculum provides a breadth of engineering science and design with depth in one specific area suitable for practice, coupled with courses in business practices, organizational behavior and management. SURF Nominee: Hara Kumar Materials Science and Engineering (http://engineering.asu.edu/semte/Mat_Main.html) The Materials Science and Engineering program covers a wide range of disciplines with particular expertise in micro and nano-fabrication of high-technology materials, electronic materials, computational materials science and deformation behavior of materials at different length scales. Students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through frequent lab courses and the opportunity to work alongside faculty in nationally recognized labs, including the microscopy and materials processing/characterization facilities. SURF Nominees: Nicholas Wagner, Michael Przeslica, Elizabeth Quigley Mechanical Engineering (http://engineering.asu.edu/semte/Mechanical.html) ASUs Mechanical Engineering research programs reflect the diversity of the discipline, ranging from nanomechanics to full-scale numerical simulations of the urban environment. Faculty and students are bringing new ideas and applications, with an emphasis in advanced engineering materials, dynamics and robotics, fluid motion and propulsion, product development and design, and sustainable energy. SURF Nominees: Jenna Lynch, Erin Shear SURF Nominee: Jacob Ward Arizona State University appreciates this opportunity to submit our students applications to the NIST Gaithersburg Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Best Regards, Sethuraman Panchanathan, Ph.D Senior Vice-President of Knowledge Enterprises Arizona State University
Effective start/end date5/1/139/30/13


  • DOC: National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST): $5,550.00


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