2010 Revision of the Compendium of Physical Activities

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2010 Revision of the Compendium of Physical Activities 2010 Revision of the Compendium of Physical Activities The Compendium of Physical Activities (Compendium) was published in 1993 to provide a physical activity list with associated MET intensities to score physical activity questionnaires used in epidemiology studies and in public health surveillance activities. The Compendium was updated in 2001 with new activities added and with selected MET intensities confirmed with published studies using oxygen uptake testing. The purpose of the 2010 version of the Compendium is to increase the breadth and accuracy of MET levels presented in the Compendium and to provide a way to account for different energy costs arising from differences in age and body mass. We propose to develop the third version of the Compendium of Physical Activities (2010 Compendium). The purpose of the project is to: 1) update the physical activities listed in the Compendium, 2) confirm and/or identify the energy cost of the most frequently performed activities using oxygen uptake testing, 3) indicate which activities in the Compendium have measured MET intensities and which activities have MET intensities that are estimated from similar activities, 4) recommend methods to account for differences in MET levels by age and body mass index, and 5) disseminate the 2010 Compendium. Study activities will be performed in the Healthy Lifestyles Research Center located on the Polytechnic Campus at Arizona State University. As PI, Dr. Ainsworth will oversee all activities. Dr. Ainsworth and Dr. Haskell (consultant) will recommend revisions to be made to the Compendium based on their continued collaboration in developing and maintaining the Compendium since 1989. Dr. Gaesser, a new collaborator for the 2010 Compendium, will oversee exercise testing to identify the energy cost of selected activities and will assist with the revision of the Compendium format. A doctoral student and a part-time hourly employee will assist in identifying additional activities to include in the Compendium, locate measured MET levels for existing Compendium activities, and conduct exercise testing to determine the oxygen cost of selected physical activities. Dr. Ainsworth will communicate with the developers of the Youth Compendium of PA (Dr. Kate Ridley and Dr. Tim Olds) to determine ways to link the information contained in the adult Compendium (developed by Ainsworth and Haskell) and youth Compendium. Tasks will be completed between July 1, 2009-June 30, 2010. The 2010 Compendium will be disseminated through publication in the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise with the tracking version presented on the University of South Carolina Prevention Research Center website (http://prevention.sph.sc.edu/tools) and possibly with an inquiry web-based system on the NCI website.pe
Effective start/end date8/19/092/18/11


  • HHS-NIH: National Cancer Institute (NCI): $24,999.00


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