16th ST Fight Back Identity & Branding Project

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16th ST Fight Back Identity & Branding Project 16th ST Fight Back Identity & Branding Project ASU will perform certain work ("Scope of Work" or "Project") on the 16th Street Fight Back Identity and Branding Project ("16th Street Project"), pursuant the terms of the Agreement, as follows: ASU will study the "Business Corridor" along 16th Street from Bethany Home to Glendale Roads, and will develop a written plan ("Plan") of initial designs and revitalization tactics and strategies for the purpose of providing assistance to the business merchants along the Business Corridor in developing and implementing their vision of a theme destination for that business area. The Plan will include branding, fonts, color pallets, business inventory and include appropriate Crime Prevention through Environmental Design Standards. ASU will conduct all of the research for the Plan. ASU will provide the Plan to the City with the understanding and intention that the City will provide the Plan to the Business Corridor Merchants Association which will implement the Plan.
Effective start/end date9/1/081/30/09


  • LOCAL: Arizona Municipal Government: $43,975.00


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